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Port Royal Naples Florida Update

Hello Naples Friends! As many of you know, Port Royal Naples, Florida is kind of like the “Beverly Hills” of Southwest Florida.  Most people love it, few can or want to afford it but it is considered the best location in all of Naples. Let’s get started with the basic market trend statistics:

Port Royal Naples

  • 42 Port Royal homes are on the market with an average list price of $10,937,476.
  • 4 Port Royal homes are under contract with an average list price of $7,473,750.
  • 47 Port Royal homes have sold during the past year with average sales price of $6,982,477.

That makes Port Royal a slighty undersupplied market with under 11 months of inventory.

Looking deeper:

  • Pricing is going up! Average list price per square foot is $1,585.
  • Average closed list price per square foot is $1,285.  (That’s up 23%)
  • Average list price to sales price ratio is 92% during the past year.

How is Port Royal performing compared to a year ago?

  • There were 42 Port Royal homes sold during the 12 months prior.
  • Average sales price was $5,950,414.
  • Average closed price per square foot was $1103 (That’s up 16%)

But wait…those aren’t the most compelling Port Royal real estate statistics!

Port Royal is getting younger! I mean she’s managed to shrink her average age by 8 whole years this year! Don’t you want to know her beauty secrets?  Well she does it like everybody else does. If you pay attention and throw enough money at something you can do almost anything you want right?

Builders and developers are going absolutely nuts in Port Royal right now. For example, there are a whopping 7 brand new homes (or homes that have yet to be built) on the market right now. The average year built for the current inventory is 1998. The average year built for all of the properties that sold last year was only 1990.  That’s what happens when markets heat up.  People feel like they have more disposable income and they dont necessarily want to build their own house and are willing to pay extra for a spec. home.  Builders and developers in this market understand demand and hence create supply.

Talking about Port Royal supply…there are currently 19 homes listed over $10,000,000 right now.

Here’s how $10,000,000+ homes have sold in Port Royal in the past:  

  • 2000 - 2
  • 2001 - 1
  • 2002 - 0
  • 2003 - 2
  • 2004 - 3
  • 2005 - 5
  • 2006 - 5
  • 2007 - 4
  • 2008 - 1
  • 2009 - 4
  • 2010 - 9
  • 2011 - 8
  • 2012 - 3
  • 2013 - 4
  • 2014 - 8

Of those 19 Port Royal homes listed over $10,000, 5 of them are new construction! When I say there are some terrific Port Royal properties to choose from right now, I am not teasing.

Design is changing on the Port Royal landscape!  2014 marks the first year a lion-share of our Port Royal prospect base snubbed their nose at old Mediterranean design. Most savvy Port Royal real estate agents tend to be a little hard to entertain mostly attracted to the latest and greatest design and materials and Port Royal buyers are no different. 

I received a call about a month ago from the BEST appraisal company in Naples to discuss a couple of sales I was involved in earlier this year. The conversation was based on the lack of interest buyer’s were showing in old world design across the entire Collier County market.  She explained further how many calls she had received from property owners who were concerned about the interest they were receiving on their property and inquiring about what she thought their current property value was and what could be done to increase value in these hard core old world design properties.

I would venture to say a small fraction of these old world design homes can be transformed easily towards a more transitional or dare I even say modern feel? The cost may exceed the gain so if you own one of these properties and you’re considering listing, I ENCOURAGE you to strike fast and precise with your marketing program and pricing strategy.  What we see on MLS today is a small fraction of the building and remodeling activity currently taking place in all of our Naples luxury locations.  Contact a SMART GIRL like me today to get your plan in action so you have the best success in netting the most possible in the shortest amount of time before this new product hits the market and lessens your chance of a successful sale.

So what’s on the horizon for Port Royal and some of our other Naples luxury locations as far as design is concerned? I’ve had a jillion conversations about this lately.  One of my favorite colleagues suggests Naples might be moving towards a modern design like some of the newest properties we’ve seen hit the market.  That is a BOLD statement and I’m not sure our midwest sector will identify with it. I think a good portion of our east coast clientele may welcome the trend but I think it might still be a little too early to tell.

Something that never gets old is the need for a proven professional group who know how to get stuff done.  That’s the team who backs me in every marketing job and sale. So if you have a vision of buying and/or selling Port Royal real estate or any luxury real estate in Naples, call me.  I can cut your showing time or marketing time down to a fraction and help you successfully negotiate your contract so you can get what you want without having to make a full time job of it. 

For more information about Port Royal or any other Naples luxury location, call me today!

Best Regards,

Shannon Lefevre, PA
Your Naples Smart Girl!

Cap d’Antibes - Pelican Bay - Naples, Florida Update

Hello Naples Friends!

I know so many of you have been waiting, waiting, waiting for the launch of Cap d’Antibes, the last high-rise to be constructed in Pelican Bay Naples Florida. Well it’s not happening today either. The launch of this much anticipated building is still being kept under wraps. While rumors suggest the launch won’t happen for several years out, the “guy in charge” says they may start taking reservations next season (although he said that in a tone of voice that suggests he’s said that before and doesn’t really think it’s going to happen then either). So I pulled out my best investigative skills to see if I could find out any more details…this is basically how the conversation went:

Me - Didn’t you told me last year you were launching last season?

Him - I did but we decided not to.

Me - I poked around on the internet to see if I could find anything and I found the site for it…please tell me they aren’t staying with the original concept that was designed 100 years ago.

Him - No they’re not. In fact all the photos on that site are the old concept…even the photo they used in the Pelican Bay Post was old. (Found on pg. 11 of the August 2014 issue)

Me - Please tell me they’re not doing an old world design interior.

Him - I’m not telling you anything because we don’t want anything to leak to our competitors.

Me - What competitors? This is the last site in Naples.

Him - Yeah but this concept is SO FANTASTIC we don’t want our competition catching wind of anything.

Me - Oh that’s awesome! What competition?

Him - Well we have competitors in Bonita.

Me - Uhm…Bonita is not Naples.

Him - We’re not sharing anything because we don’t want anything to leak out.

Me - Please tell me you changed the floor plans.

Him - We did.

Me - Ok great! I’ll be right over to take a look at the plans (Just kidding after all that static do you think he was going to let me look at the plans regardless of how insightful my feed back would’ve been? Come on!)

They did just pass through the Pelican Bay Foundation as far as their plan is concerned and yes there are going to be two buildings, Cap d’Antibes and Cote d’Azure featuring 88 units and totaling 176 units.

So as I mentioned in my summary…this isn’t the update you were probably hoping for which means if you want to buy a new Naples condo now or next season you are OUT OF LUCK AGAIN!

Naples condo inventories are so low it’s almost stupid but I’ve compiled a list of buildings you might want to check out!


Here are the best Naples condo alternatives:

If money is not object:

Regent at Park Shore

Regent at Park Shore is the best Naples high rise building.  This is my favorite building on the sand!

Enclave at Park Shore is my 3rd favorite building.  What happened to #2? There’s nothing on the market there.

In fact for super high end, that’s all there is to report unless you want to check out Season’s at Naples Cay. You should probably call me direct before.

Do you prefer Pelican Bay condos?

There is 1 Bay Colony beachfront on the market right now.  Did I mention I can put you on an up to the minute MLS new listing update feed so you can see what hits the market at the moment it hits?

There’s several for sale in Trieste at Bay Colony….as usual.

There is what I think a terrific Bay Colony deal right now.

There’s another BIG unit on Pelican Bay Blvd.  but I have strong thoughts about the limit one should spend on the Blvd. There are big reasons for that and you can call me direct to hear them.

If location is not an issue for you, you might check out Aqua Naples…that is one of our newest buildings (2008) It is a pretty cool building but a large portion of my clientele didn’t like being so far away from everything.

Ok, well like I said, not much to choose from but if you (like many of my other clients right now) know what you want and would like to be updated when Naples condo units you like hit the market (so at least you have a fighting chance in getting it), call or email me direct and I’ll put you on a VIP alert!

Park Shore Naples Florida Update

Hello Naples Friends!

I’ve had my nose in the Park Shore beachfront statistics all day and wanted to share my outstanding findings! By the way, this post was provoked by the person who was searching Naples beachfront properties $300,000 and less (since I knew while they found my site, they were not successful in finding anything in Park Shore for that price. So let’s start with what’s available on the beach in Park Shore Naples Florida:

  • 38 Park Shore beachfront homes and condos are on the market right now which is .01% of the entire Park Shore beachfront inventory.
  • The lowest priced unit is on the market for $525,000 in Solamar at Park Shore
  • The highest priced unit is on the market for nearly $14,000,000
  • The least expensive unit with remodeling is $625,000 located in Terraces at Park Shore
  • 12 of 38 have had extensive remodeling
  • 157 Park Shore beachfront units have sold during the past 12 months
  • There’s less than 2 months of inventory on the market right now
  • 160 units closed between 12 and 24 months ago
  • Closed price per square foot values increased 6% over the year before
  • On average Park Shore beachfront property buyers paid $33,491 more this past 12 months
  • Average list price 2 years ago was $1,464,528 or $523/foot
  • Average list price during last 12 months was $1,461,557 or $544/foot
  • Average list price for current inventory $2,508,963 (not a typo)
  • Average list price for current inventory is $2,508,693 or $606/foot

Le Ciel Park Tower

Le Ciel Park Tower experienced not just the highest priced unit to sell in its whole history but the second highest as well.  604 sold for $2,900,000 in June and PH201 sold for $2,800,000 3rd place sold for $2,565,000 in 2013.

Of the 38 active Park Shore beachfront listings, there are 10 units that have been on the market for 90 days or less.  That’s great news! We need more. Unfortunately, there are 16 units that have been on the market for well over a year. Granted so have recognized price corrections down but you would marvel over the idea of how many have increased their price over the duration of the listings….but that’s Naples.

Here’s what you can you expect going forward into 2015 for Park Shore Beachfront….

- See more at:

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